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Centralia Elementary School District

Aeries Parent Portal



Why do I need a Parent Portal Account?

Starting in the 2020/21 school year, annual data confirmation for enrolled students will be done through the Parent Portal. This will permit parents/guardians to update their student's information annually on line and cut down on the Back to School packets. Have more than one child? Update the information in one place - online! No more multiple hard copies to complete each school year.
In addition to the data confirmation, your child's classroom assignment for the year will be posted in this portal.
2020 State Test Results are available in your Parent Portal. When you log into your account, you will select Test Scores in the top toolbar, then English (and/or your home language if listed) next to 2020.

What can I see or do in the Parent Portal?

Parent Portal allows you to:
  • View your child/children's attendance.
  • View and print annual State Test scores. (posted annually in August/September)
  • View and update your contacts and address information.
  • View your child/children's teacher and classroom assignment for Fall. (when posted in August)
  • Complete annual school forms online - eliminating most of the back to school packet!

How do I get a Parent Portal?

When a student is first registered in the district, one of the options you can choose is to have a Parent Portal. Only those with Parent Portal option approved will receive an account.
You will receive an email welcoming you to our Parent Portal with your login and a temporary password. You will clink on the link, log in - and you are ready to go! If you have not received an email, please contact your school site and verify that they have the correct email on file for you.


I have more than one child that attends different schools in the District, do I have to create multiple accounts?

Parents only need to have one account for their family.  All children can be linked to the same parent account.

I have more than one child that attends a different District, do I have to create multiple accounts?

We are not able to link with other District's Parent Portals. If you have a child with Aeries Parent Portal at another District, you will need a separate Portal account. 
Parents only need to have one account for their family.  All children can be linked to the same parent account.

Do parents need to create an account every year?

No. This is a one time process.  If you have another child that enters the District (e.g., Transitional Kindergarten student), you will be able to add them to your existing account.

What if I see incorrect information on my student's account (i.e., a phone number or address)?

Contact your child's school.  You are able to edit and update contact information but the school office has to change primary student address and telephone information.

If I move can I update my address through the Parent Portal?

Address changes must be done at the school office with the proper paperwork.  Parents can view current address information through the portal.

What is the website address for the Parent & Student Web Portal?


Who do I contact for help?

You can contact your child's School Office or email to update your email address.



Downloadable Apps: 

App store download link for Aeries portal
Google store download link for Aeries portal

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