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Centralia Elementary School District

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Make a Difference Where it Matters Most!

Parents, grandparents, and guardians are all welcome to volunteer!  There are many different volunteer opportunities at each school to fit any schedule.  You can volunteer in your child's classroom or in the office to help your child's classroom teacher, or maybe at a student event. No time is too long or too short.  


All volunteers are required to complete a volunteer application.  Volunteers are screened and are required to submit proof of a current TB test with their application.  Volunteers are requested to complete a new application each year. 


All chaperones on student study trips must have an application completed on file with the school and district office and have TB clearance. Please note that the process takes 2 weeks to be completed so allow yourself enough time to complete the packet in a timely manner before a field trip, packets turned in days before a field will not be completed on time.  

How does the process work?

1. Complete the Volunteer Packet.

2. Include a copy of your current TB test results; a current TB test is any test completed between the years 2012- 2016/17 (test done in 2012 are due for a new screening this year)

3. Volunteer packet must be signed by the School site Principal.

4. Packet comes to District Office. 

5. Human Resources verifies the packet is complete and screens the packet.

6. If it is all complete it is signed and returned to the school site where Volunteer is seeking to help.

To check the status of your Volunteer Packet please call Human Resources at 714-228-3148 or check with your school office manager.

Thank you for Volunteering!