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Centralia Elementary School District

Human Resources » Classified Opportunities

Classified Opportunities

Classified Employment Process
All current classified vacancies are posted on the ED-JOIN website.
What Is Required To Apply :

Applications must be completed on the ED-JOIN website with the following attachments:
  • Classified Job Application.
  • Cover letter addressed to Darrick Garcia, Assistant Superintendent - Human Resources.
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation, one from your most recent employer/supervisor is preferred.
  • Additional requirements may apply depending on the position. Please read the job opening information very carefully.
Notes :
  • Please turn in all required materials together.
  • A resume is optional unless specified on the job opening information.
Please keep in mind that incomplete application packets will not be considered.

All required documents must be submitted as attachments with your ED-JOIN application.

How To Apply :
Selection Procedures
  • Application packets are paper screened to ensure packets are complete and the applicant possesses the minimum qualifications.
  • Applicants are notified of application status after the paper screening process.
  • All applicants possessing the minimum qualifications must take and pass the District required test(s). For those applicants that may have a verifiable disability, please inform Human Resources prior to testing so that any possible accommodations can be made within the testing process.
  • All applicants are notified of test results.
  • Qualifications and test results are reviewed to determine top candidates.
  • Top candidates are selected to proceed to the interview process.
  • A job offer is made to the selected candidate. All other candidates are notified.
  • The candidate selected must satisfactorily complete the Department of Justice Criminal Background Check prior to employment.
  • Application packets are kept on file for three (3) years. It is the applicants' responsibility to contact Human Resources if they are interested in applying for an open position within this three (3) year period.

Any further questions may be directed to the Human Resources Department at 714-228-3126.