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Centralia Elementary School District


Bus Transportation Services

Student bus transportation is a service available at Centralia School District and is only provided under specific conditions.

Pick Up/Drop Off Times: Bus riders are to be at their designated pick up stop and ready to board at least three (3) minutes before their scheduled pick up time.

Reporting Absences: If your child does not need bus transportation, call the Transportation Department at (714) 228-3177.

Personal Items: We encourage all sweaters, coats, and other personal belongings be marked with the child's' name.
1. Leave home early enough to arrive at the school bus stop on time. Arrive five (5) minutes before scheduled stop time.

2. Use a safe route and stay on the sidewalks wherever possible when walking to and from the bus stop. Be aware of danger spots along

the way and do not talk to strangers.

3. Be considerate of the property at, and near, the loading area.

4. Line up in a courteous and polite manner in a safe place, well off the roadway and at least 12 feet away from the bus, in preparation for

boarding the bus. Move towards the bus only after the bus has stopped completely and the door is opened.

5. Enter the school bus in an orderly manner and immediately take seats in a quiet manner.

6. No animals shall be transported on the bus.

7. Follow the instructions of the school bus driver. He/she is in charge at all times.

8. Talk quietly and be courteous to the school bus driver and to fellow passengers.

9. Remain seated, facing the front of the bus while the bus is in motion. Keep all parts of your body inside the bus at all times.

10. Keep hands and feet and objects to self.

11. Do not eat or drink on the bus. Help keep the school bus clean and in good condition.

12. Do not tamper with bus seats or equipment.

13. Learn emergency drill procedures and follow them at all times.

14. Leave the bus quietly and carefully; be alert for traffic when leaving the school bus. Keep away from the side of the bus as it departs.

15. At any bus stop where traffic is not controlled by a traffic officer or traffic control signal, the driver shall escort all preschool and kindergarten through sixth grade students who need to cross the street.
Violation of any of the above rules may result in loss of bus riding privileges.

Questions: contact Transportation at (714) 228-3177