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Centralia Elementary School District

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Measure N - Bond

Centralia School District has provided our community with an excellent education since 1875. We are proud to have multiple Gold Ribbon Schools and California Distinguished Schools in our district. Our district was recently selected through a very competitive process for the Orange County STEM initiative, which will help prepare our students for the future. Good schools improve the quality of life in our community and protect the value of our homes.

Although our schools have a great academic track record, the quality and condition of school facilities have not kept pace. Most Centralia schools were built more than 50 years ago and require extensive repairs and upgrades so that they can continue to serve our community well for the decades to come. If we want our students to have the same opportunities as others in the region to succeed in college and careers, we need to improve student access to today’s technologies and provide them with a solid background in science, math and technology.

In order to maintain modern schools and promote a high-quality education, the Centralia School District Board of Trustees voted to place Measure N, a $49 million bond measure, on the November 8, 2016 ballot to update local schools. On this page, you can find informational materials regarding Measure N.