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Centralia Elementary School District




District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC)



Friday, February 25, 2022 @ 9:00AM - 10:30AM 

Hybrid (In-Person & Zoom Online- Zoom link emailed to parents/guardians) 


  1. Opening 
  • Welcome & Call to Order: Ms. Viridiana Rivera, DELAC President called the meeting to order at 9:06 am  
  • Introductions were made via chat on Zoom and in person.  


  1. Public Comment: None 
  1. Approval of Minutes: 1st by Susie Estrada and 2nd by Vindya Wimalasoma 
  1. Business (I=Information, D=Discussion, A=Action) 
  1. DELAC Officer Election (I, A); Nominees: Vice President: Araceli Santillan (DN)  Secretary: Maria Macedo Parliamentarian: Vindya Wimalasoma (RT)

Members voted on the DELAC Officers. In-person participants voted on a paper ballot while Zoom participants voted online. The following DELAC Officers were elected:  

  • Vice President: Araceli Santillan (DN Parent)  
  • Secretary: Maria Macedo (DN) 
  • Parliamentarian: Vindya Wimalasoma (RT Parent) 


  1. Social Emotional Support (I): Presentation given by Centralia School District Social Workers. Refer to PowerPoint Presentation.
  2. LCAP Update and Input (I, D) : Dr. Kristine Cvar provided an LCAP- Mid-Year Update. Input was taken from online and in-person participants.

Parent asked:  What is the process to be classified as EL for new enrollments?  

Dr. Cvar replied: The District utilizes a home language survey, and students who are eligible take the Initial ELPAC Assessment to determine English Learner eligibility 


  1. NRC Update- Resources for Parents/Community (I): Cecilia Hinojosa from the Neighborhood Resource Center shared information and resources available via the NRC including the Boutique and parent trainings.
  2. COVID-19 Update (I)- Dr. Stacy Chang provided an update based on the latest health care agency guidelines.  


  1. Superintendent’s Report: Superintendent Norma Martinez thanked everyone for coming both online and in person, also thanked the staff involved in the District’s first Hybrid meeting. Announced that the government report will happen on 2/28/22. Informed parents that resources are available for them to discuss and explain what is happening in the world right now. Good news was also shared with the group that Raymond Temple received the MTSS grant. Blue Ribbon award winner Los Coyotes was also congratulated.  


  1. Announcements 
  • Art Montez, Board President thanked everyone on behalf of the board. 
  • Science Adoption update provided by Dr. Cvar 
  • Dr. Chang informed the group about Open Enrollment for new students which is currently available at Centralia School District until March 15th  
  • Dual Language Immersion program update provided by DLI Principal Roy Lopez Jr. 
  • Preschool Update provided by Susie Estrada 
  • NRC Boutique update and information about the boutique provided.  
  • ESL Class interest form shared with the group; the NOCE program is asking for 35 members to participate to hold the ESL classes at CentraliaESD 


  1. Parent Input / Comments  
  • RT parent Ms. Vindya Wimalasoma shared ttat she is so happy to see that input given two years ago about needing additional social workers was taken and seeing how much support we are giving the students is so good. She also shared that her older child is a former student who was an English Learner at Centralia School and now loves English.  


  1. Closing- Dr. Chang thanked everyone for joining the DELAC Meeting, and shared that the next meeting will continue to be hybrid on April 29, 2022. 


  1. Adjournment- Meeting adjourned at 10:32 a.m. 

DELAC Meeting Minutes

Friday, December 10, 2021 @ 9:00AM - 10:30AM 

Via Zoom Online- Zoom link emailed to parents/guardians. 


I. Opening 

Welcome and Call to Order. Dr. Stacy Chang, Director of Parent and Student Engagement (PASE) welcomed everyone to the DELAC Meeting and called the meeting to order at 9:04am. Dr. Chang introduced staff members. 


II. Public CommentNone  


III. Approval of Minutes:  Approved by Dominic Nguyen, Dean and Seconded by Ivan LB, parent     


IV. Business (I=Information, D=Discussion, A=Action) 

A. DELAC Officer Election (I, A) Dr. Stacy Chang reminded everyone that the District emailed all parents regarding the nomination of the DELAC Officer positions and added a link in the chat for members to nominate officers. No nominations were received at this time, so the DELAC Officer positions continue to be open for: Vice President, Secretary, and Parliamentarian. Dr. Chang asked principals and members to help obtain nominations for the officer positions.   
B. OCAPICA Mental Health Resources Presentation (I) OCAPICA staff presented information on mental health resources that are available. Refer to PPT. 
C. ELPAC Testing (I) Mrs. Amy Edmundson, District TOSA provided an update to ELPAC Testing. See PPT for details. 
D. Education Services Program Update (I)
  • Dual Language Immersion- DLI Information. Mr. Roy Lopez, Principal of Centralia School provided information on the plans to open a new Dual Language Immersion Program in Spanish at Centralia School. Mr. Lopez will oversee the DLI Program at Centralia School.  Refer to PPT for details.   
  • Winter Learning Academy/Expanded Learning. Dr. Dominic Nguyen, Dean of Innovation and Expanded Learning provided an update to the Winter Learning Academy and Expanded Learning programs at CESD. 
  • Preschool Program- Ms. Susie Estrada provided an updated to the preschool programs.  Currently enrolling 3 year olds for the program.
  • Other Programs: Music, FLEX. Dr. Kristine Cvar provided information on CESD's Music Programs and the FLEX (Foreign Language) Program. 
E. COVID-19 Update (I)- Dr. Stacy Chang provided COVID-19 updates.  
Free COVID -19 testing kits available at NRC, District office or school sites.  
Free community COVID testing offered at Walter Knott  

Superintendent’s Report 

Superintendent Norma Martinez thanked everyone for their time in participating in DELAC. 




Dr. Chang provided time for parents to ask questions, and informed the group that if there are topics that they would like to learn about, they can let the District know. 



Meeting adjourned at 10:22 am 


DELAC Meeting Minutes

Friday, October 22, 2021 @ 9:00AM - 10:30AM 

Via Zoom Online- Zoom link emailed to parents/guardians. 



Welcome and Call to Order. Dr. Stacy Chang welcomed everyone to the DELAC Meeting and called the meeting to order at 9:04am. Dr. Chang introduced staff members. 


Public CommentNone  

Approval of Minutes – 1st  Omaira Lee 2nd  Dominic Nguyen  

Business (I=Information, D=Discussion, A=Action) 

NOCE ESL Class Overview (I)- NOCE Staff – Presentation by Cesar Norzagaray  
  • Free English classes provided by NOCE please visit for schedule  
  • Online and in person classes will be offered in the a.m. and p.m. to be flexible with parent’s schedules. 
  •  Please contact 714-808-4638 or via email [email protected]  
SEL Overview/ Social Workers Update (I) - District Social Workers – Social Emotional Learning presentation by District Social Workers  
  • Introduced District Social Worker Interns 
  • Provided an overview of MTSS – Multi -Tiered System of Supports  (green tier 1, yellow tier 2, red tier 3) 
  • Kids Konnect group which comes from a referral from a teacher  helps build social and emotional skills 
  • Social Workers presented on: How to Support your Child open communication, be involved, be patient, model expected behavior, reinforce positive behavior.  
  • How to Seek assistance for your child; Reach out to a teacher or principal, seek out community resources (NRC), be open-minded to suggestions and guidance form the school  
CESD Expanded Learning- presentation by Dean, Dr. Dominic Nguyen  
  • Dr. Nguyen discussed potential expanded learning opportunities.
NRC Updates- Cecilia Hinojosa, Community Liaison serving the Neighborhood Resource Center provided updates to the NRC  
  • Olive Crest Parenting Classes 
  • Let's go the restroom - Vamos al bano  class for parent  
  • Computer classes for parents 
  • Please contact Cecilia for any information on classes offered  
COVID-19 Update (I)- Dr. Stacy Chang provided COVID-19 updates.  
  • Free COVID -19 testing kits available at NRC, District office or school sites.  
  • Free community COVID testing offered at Walter Knott  
  • CESD held a Vaccine Clinic at Walter Knott this past Wednesday  
  • Governors Order on vaccines – no approved FDA vaccine for children under 16 at this point, it does not affect us at this point since there isn’t a vaccine that is fully approved by FDA.  
DELAC Officer Election (I, A)- Dr. Stacy Chang – link provided in the chat box for members of the meeting to nominate members.  
  • One nomination was received for the President position. Viridiana Rivera, parent of a student from Dysinger School was nominated for the President position. Ms. Rivera accepted the nomination.  
  • DELAC members voted online for the election.  Ms. Viridiana Rivera was voted in as the new DELAC President. Dr. Chang congratulated Ms. Rivera as the new DELAC President.  

Superintendent’s Report 

  • Report by Superintendent Norma Martinez thanked everyone for their time in participating in DELAC. 
  • Encouraged parents to invite others to attend our DELAC Meeting for the upcoming meeting.  
  • Lots of organizations come into DELAC to offer different resources  
  • Please feel free to connect with us. 
  • Looking forward to start up the STEAM program, please help share the word that District is hiring for this program.  


  • Dr. Kristine Cvar – provided updates to Education Services Music program – general music offered to  TK - 4th grade (rhythm and movement). Strings program offered to 5th - 6th graders over 500 students interested in the program, new instruments ordered for the overwhelming interest. FLEX program 2nd grade students and offered also to 3rd grades who participated last year. Spanish club will be rolling out for the students in the FLEX program. More to come soon.  


Dr. Chang provided time for parents to ask questions, and informed the group that if there are topics that they would like to learn about, they can let the District know. 



Meeting adjourned at 10:22 am 



  1. Friday, August 27, 2021 9:00am- 10:30am

    Via Zoom Online- Zoom link emailed to parents/guardians

  3. Opening 
  • Welcome & Call to Orderby Dr. Kristine Cvar at 9:04 am.  
  • Introductions 


  1. Public CommentNONE 
  2. Approval of Minutes: 1st GIGI RIVERA, PARENT AND 2nd AMY CHUNG, PARENT 
  2. Business (I=Information, D=Discussion, A=Action) 
  • A. DELAC Training: Roles and Responsibilities (I): by Dr. Kristine Cvar  
  • B. COVID-19 Update and Safety Plan (I): Dr. Arvin Garcia presented COVID-19 Update and Safety Plan 
    • Wellness Checks: Reminded parents to conduct wellness screeners for students for COVID-19 symptoms before arriving to campus.  
    • Free COVID-19 testing kits available at the District Office, NRS and all our school sites 
    • Parent QuestionDo all the schools check kids temps before they enter the school? Answer: Wellness Screeners are not a part of current school year’s requirement, but we provide wellness screener flyer for parents to conduct them before arrival to school.  
    • Parent Question: Are absences related to covid excused? Answer Yes, covid-related absences are excused. Please inform the school. 
    • Reminder that indoor masking is requiredand outside masking is optional for teachers and students 
  • C. ESSER III American Rescue Plan Act Elementary and Secondary School Relief Fund Safe Return to In-Person Instruction Local Educational Agency Plan- Input (I, D) 
  • Stakeholder input was taken for the ESSER III Plans. Parents were asked: How can our schools address the needs of our students? 
  • . 
  • D. English Learner Reclassification Criteria (I, A)Presentation provided by Amy Edmundson, District TOSA  


  1. Superintendent’s Report: 
  • All of our schools awarded PBIS. 
  • SEL – 9 social workers and interns at the District (4 SW 5 Interns SW) 
  • State Preschool programs available for all 3 year old’s, please contact Child Development Services  
  2. Announcements 
  • Neighborhood Resource Center Update by Cecila Hinojosa – announcements; in partnership with Clinic in the Park- free online workshop to see if your child needs to ride in a booster seat. 
  • Mobile Covid-19 vaccine site  now available- Sat 8/28/21 ; Stanton Vaccine clinic event in the boys and girls club in Stanton  
  • Nomination for officers are open. Link provided during the meeting  


  1. Closing 
  2. Parents were asked if they had any questions. No additional questions were asked.


  1. Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 10:15am.  



1:00PM - 2:30PM Via Zoom Online


I. Opening

A. Welcome & Call to Order.
Dr. Stacy Chang, Director of Parent and Student Engagement welcomed everyone to the meeting. - Meeting called to order at 1:02pm.


B. Introductions
Members introduced themselves via chat.  


II. Public Comment - none
III. Approval of Minutes
Motion to approve by Robyn Yarbrough. Seconded by Irene Aragon.


IV. Business (I=Information, D=Discussion, A=Action)
A. Input for LCAP and Expanded Learning (I, D)
Dr. Kristine Cvar, Assistant Superintendent of Education Services presented information on LCAP and Expanded Learning and asked for input on programs and services. A survey link was shared with the group to provide input. Refer to PPT.


B. ConApp (I, D)
Dr. Stacy Chang presented a draft of the 2021 ConApp (Consolidated Application) for DELAC review. She asked for stakeholder input via unmuting, chat, email, and a survey link was shared with the group. Refer to PPT. Members shared that it looked good.


C. COVID-19 Update (I) 5 minutes
Dr. Chang provided COVID-19 updates including information on vaccines and COVID-19 testing kits that are available to the public from OCHCA and directly from CESD.



V. Superintendent’s Report
Superintendent Norma Martinez
VI. Announcements
-Anaheim Public Library staff shared about the pronunciator program
-Community Resources provided by Neighborhood Resource Center’s Community Liaison
-District selected as State Model SARB, a state level award. 



VII. Closing


VIII. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 2:24pm.