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Centralia Elementary School District

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Instructional Music Program

Students may select to learn to play a violin, viola, or cello. In a group setting, students participate in 45 minute instruction that takes place during the instructional day.
A school instrumental music program assembly was held this week at each school site. Students received registration information for this “Opt In” program.
  • The form must be returned to school ASAP in order to determine the size of the group.
  • A limited number of school instruments are available for students who need them.
  • The music instructor can also facilitate instrument rentals to families requesting this service.
  • To enhance their experience, all students can participate in the Anaheim Union High School District GATE Orchestra.
  • Parents can reach out to school principals for more information about the program.

The arts, a basic form of human communication, provide an outlet for creativity. Through the arts, people can explore, express and understand thoughts, emotions and feelings. They provide a means for the enrichment of life through self-expression and response to the expression of others. However one participates in the arts, they are a source of great enjoyment, contributing significantly to our quality of life. Participation in our instrumental program not only prepares a student for enrollment in secondary instrumental classes, but also develops skills in self-discipline, flexible ways of thinking, concentration, decision-making, physical coordination and aural perception. Additionally, participants in the program have found the experience builds self-esteem and self-confidence as well as nurturing a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. Most of all, it can be fun!


UPDATE September 8: Currently we are in the implementation phase, and we are finding that we need to make adjustments since the student interest exceeded all expectations!   For the time being, please know that we are aware of the need for additional loaner instruments. We are also aware of the large amount of interest that is resulting in a larger group size than may be appropriate for an effective music lesson.  We appreciate your patience as we work in collaboration with our music instructor to make any necessary adjustments to our program and to secure additional instruments.  If your child will be renting/purchasing their own instrument, please be sure to let the music instructor and principal know so that we can plan accordingly.  We will NOT start music instruction the week of September 11, 2017 in order to finalize group size as well as the distribution and ordering of instruments.


Principals will hold special assemblies on Tuesday or Wednesday to inform students of the options offered in their Elective Wheel. Parents will receive letters requesting a parent signature on the Elective Wheel. Finalizing this decision with your child will help us to finalize group size in each option.


 Should you have further questions, please contact the your school office.