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Centralia Elementary School District

2022/23 Communications


Information and Resources are provided in the column to the right. As more information is updated from our partner agencies in other languages, they will be added. (Updated 22 July 2022)

July 22, 2022



Dear Centralia Elementary School District Families and Staff:



I am Norma E. Martinez, your Centralia Elementary School District Superintendent, and I am thrilled to welcome our families to an incredible new 2022/23 school year!   Under the governance of our five-member Board of Education, Henry Charoen, Luis Flores, Elizabeth Gonzalez, Lamiya Hoque and Art Montez, I am proud to lead a district that continues to innovate, addressing the needs of the whole child, setting an expectation of greater academic achievement, and establishing programs that are responsive to the needs of school community.

As you may be aware, this is an incredible year of new possibilities and optimism as we begin a school year with significant funding to intentionally support students.  Along with increased funding, personnel are changing jobs with greater frequency and CESD is experiencing a transition within our staff. I am forever appreciative of the high caliber of staff we employ, people with dedication to our students and the strong work ethic necessary to get the work done.  We appreciate the tremendous partnership and confidence from our parent community with our schools! 

As always, there is much information to share so please scan through the next few sections for items of interest to you and your family.   



School Principals: Due to a wealth of opportunities for administrators to promote in this current climate, CESD has experienced school principal vacancies across our district. Fortunately, this change has provided an opportunity to review principal assignments and create opportunities of growth for CESD. These leadership selections are the result of our Human Resources department quickly and effectively searching out the best and most qualified candidates possible. For all schools with new principals, please look forward to a special announcement from your school principal for an opportunity to stop by the school prior to the start of the year for a meet and greet.




Buena Terra

Bianca Marchese


Enrique Romero


Angelica Montelongo, Ed.D


Anissa Sequeida, Ed.D

Los Coyotes

Vicki Wong, Ed.D


Robyn Yarbrough

Raymond Temple

Shawn Stuht

San Marino

Omaira Lee, Ed.D


Centralia ESD uses the Aeries Parent Portal Data Confirmation to have ALL families confirm each TK-6 student’s enrollment and verify information for the 2022/23 school year.  Data Confirmation begins Monday, July 25 and is a process that allows parents to verify/update student contacts, medical conditions, Emergency Card information, etc.  Parents/guardians will need to sign in to the CESD Parent Portal and complete all the steps to secure a spot for each student in the 2022/23 school year. For the Parent Portal website, go to:

The Data Confirmation process needs to be completed in order to see your child’s classroom assignment online for the 2022/23 school year.  

School offices open to the public on August 1. The first day of school is August 10 at 8:05am. Your student’s class and teacher assignment will be posted in your Aeries Parent Portal on August 9 and will also be available on site on August 10. Each school site will have roving helper staff to assist students in getting to the correct classroom. 

At the District level, please join me in welcoming these staff members, who are new to the district or their positions: 

  • Dr. Stacy Chang, Interim Assistant Superintendent, Education Services 
  • Dr. Christian Quintero, Director of Community and Student Engagement 
  • Tiffany Dominguez, Director of Curriculum and Innovation 


My office will continue to hold Superintendent Forums with our parent community, to give parents and community an opportunity to hear directly from me as well as ask any questions you may have.   The Superintendent Forums are provided with translation in Korean, Spanish and American Sign Language.   For your convenience, these meetings are scheduled on Zoom so you can join in from wherever you may be!   In addition to these Zoom Superintendent Forums, I will be joining each school’s Coffee Chat at least once this year to give us an opportunity to connect. Our first Superintendent’s Forum of the school year will be taking place July 28 at 3:30PM at this LINK

Centralia ESD is proud to announce the following program choices for our families.   For all of the programs listed below, your school principal will provide more in-depth information about each one.  Please be sure to stay connected with your school for detailed information.  

Community Schools: This Spring, Centralia ESD applied for and was granted funding for three Community Schools to support Danbrook, Centralia and San Marino Schools.   We are thrilled that each school will be able to focus more intently on providing supports and services to our families with a full time Community Liaison, a full-time Social Worker and a Neighborhood Resource Center! 

Expanded Learning Opportunity Program (ELOP):   Through State funds, Centralia ESD will be offering an exciting FREE program to select students at all schools, from dismissal time to 5:30 pm.  Students who attend ELOP will have the opportunity to have online reading support through a new program, participate in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Athletics and Mathematical enrichment programming (STEA2M) to keep students growing and learning.   Once staffing is completed at each site for this after school program, your school will send out information to eligible students.  Space is limited so please sign up when the program becomes available!   

Transitional Kindergarten (TK):   Centralia ESD is proud to continue to offer a full-day TK program for 100% of our students in Centralia ESD who will be five between September 2 to April 30, 2023.    Schools are enrolling now for this all day PreK program for our 4-year old’s.    

State Preschool (SP): State Preschool programs are currently offered at three schools to income eligible three-year old students.  The programs are currently housed at Centralia, Danbrook and San Marino Schools.  2022/23 Registration information for this program is available by calling 714-228-3155, completing this form online or visiting the Child Development office at Walter Knott Education Center during regular business hours.  

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID):   Centralia ESD is proud to offer an AVID learning experience to all students who enroll at San Marino Elementary School.  AVID is a college/career preparatory program in which students gain experience in speaking, Socratic Seminar discussions, note-taking, organization, and experience trips to colleges and universities as early introductions to college/career opportunities. Families interested in this experience can request transfers to San Marino School.  

Dual Language Immersion (DLI) Program, Spanish:   Are you interested in having your child be completely bilingual in Spanish by the time they complete 6th grade?  We are still enrolling for our new Dual Language Immersion Spanish program at Centralia School.  Enrollment is for incoming Kindergarten and First Grade students only.   If you are interested in enrolling in this program, please email [email protected] 

Centralia ESD schools continue to refine and monitor all our processes for maintaining student and staff safety. Thanks to Measure N, all our school campuses have received safety updates including a central point of entry through the school offices. Over the summer, updates have been made with the addition of main office locking doors requiring visitors to buzz to be given access to the campus as well as fencing enhancements.  

Centralia ESD continues its commitment to following guidance from CDPH, Cal OSHA and OCHCA in order to maintain student and staff safety in a COVID-19 environment. In alignment with the current regulations, the biannual update to the COVID-19 safety plan will be coming to the board in August for approval.  

As we continue our education journey of excellence, I welcome all families to an incredible new school year. 



Norma E. Martinez, Superintendent  
Centralia Elementary School District  
Twitter: @CentraliaSup
[email protected]  
Instagram: @CentraliaSchoolDistrict