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Centralia Elementary School District

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Special Education

Centralia School District Department of Student Support Services will assist students by understanding and fostering the unique needs of each learner as we are committed to promoting individual, academic, and behavioral success by way of collaboration to meet the challenges our students face in becoming 21st century learners and leaders.
The Centralia School District is committed to providing a free, appropriate public education for all students with special needs in the least restrictive environment. Placement and services for students with disabilities are based on assessment results in accordance with a student's unique needs as determined by the Individualized Education Program (IEP) Team. A continuum of program options is available, such as Designated Instruction and Services (speech and language therapy, adapted physical education, occupational therapy, audiological services), Resource Specialist Program, or Special Day Class.

All students are assured of access to the general curriculum and participation in the general education environment, as appropriate.

For more information regarding programs and services, call the Student Services Office at (714) 228-3141 or please visit the GASELPA website.