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COVID-19 - 6th Grade Promotions

April 28, 2021 

Dear Families,

Congratulations! On behalf of the Centralia Elementary School District and the Board of Education, I join you in celebrating the successful promotion of your 6th grade scholar from our District!   We are delighted to be able to provide an in-person promotion program to all families who wish to have their child participate in such a ceremony. As you can imagine, the District must ensure that each school holds a program that not only celebrates our promoting scholars but also abides by guidance that is in alignment with the most current information available to us from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). The District retains the right to use the guidance minimally as prescribed and to add any other requirements that we believe will contribute to a safe and celebratory experience for our students and staff.

This letter is intended to highlight a broad set of procedures to be used during the upcoming 6th grade In-Person promotion celebrations that will occur at all school sites.  More specific information will be provided by your school principal as we get closer to the date.   Please read this entire document as preparation for this special event.  Lastly, I remind everyone that guidance from the State continues to evolve and what I am sharing today is based on the most recent guidance available as of April 28, 2021.

Dates for Promotion Assemblies: 

  • 6th grade In-Person Promotion assemblies will take place either on Thursday, May 27 or Friday, May 28, 2021, at each school. Specific times and dates will be provided by the principal.
  • These assemblies will all be held outdoors. In the event of inclement weather, the outdoor assemblies will be canceled, and students will be provided with their certificate in their respective classrooms, without guest attendees.
  • A drive-through event for all students who are unable to participate in the in-person assembly will take place on May 28th at a time identified by your school principal. During this drive-through event, students may pick up their promotion certificate and say farewell to school staff. 

Limiting Attendee Groups:

  • Guidance asks that we limit attendee groups to a household unit. Further, to ensure appropriate spacing is kept and that we limit crowding, CESD will permit two (2) guests per student to attend the promotion. The two guests include any person of any age.
  • Guidance requires that guests must be preregistered to attend the event.
  • Seating will be fixed, meaning that there will be assigned seating at the school’s discretion. Any individuals needing accommodations (I.e., wheelchairs) must inform the school no later than one week prior to the ceremony. 
  • Due to spacing requirements, our promoting student will sit with his/her two guests. Each guest group will be separated by 6 feet of distance across to the next guest group.

Individual Safety Measures:

  • All guests in attendance are required to wear a face covering as per CDPH guidance. The face covering must cover the mouth and nose. We will ask guests to help us keep the focus on students by complying with this requirement.  Any guests with an exemption must notify the school principal no later than one week prior to the ceremony to confirm the exemption. 
  • Persons who are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 (e.g., due to age or underlying conditions) should not attend this event.
  • Individuals who are sick or in isolation or quarantine must remain at home and cannot attend this event.


  • All students and guests will participate in our regular daily screening process.  We will conduct active temperature checks, sanitize hands, require that individuals wear a face covering and ask that students and guests answer the wellness questions asked each day before permitting them on campus:
Do you have any of these symptoms?
        • Cough
        • Fever or chills
        • Headache
        • Fatigue
        • Shortness of breath or trouble breathing
        • Sore threat
        • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
        • Congestion or runny nose
        • New loss of taste or smell
Have you had contact with someone with COVID-19 recently?

Yes - You will not be permitted on campus.
No - You are welcome to stay.

Contact the school principal if you need clarification.  

  • Any student or guest who is unable to meet our screening requirements will not be able to participate in the event.  


Entering and Exiting the Event:

  • School principals will be providing parents a letter with information as to the time in which our guests can arrive and the gate to use. This is an important detail since our guests’ adherence to this timeline will prevent crowding prior to the event.  If you do find yourself in a line situation, then please help us keep a 6-foot distance between guests from different family units. 
  • Guests will need to follow the signage posted at each school and stay only in designated areas. Thank you for remembering that school is still in session for the rest of the students.  
  • At the conclusion of the event, it will be important that guests vacate the campus as per the principal’s instructions. Unlike other years, we will not be able to have our guests stay and take pictures with other students or staff right after the event.  I thank you for keeping in mind the space needs of our staff in this process as well as your own space needs. 

The Promotion Ceremony:

  • All guests and students are required to wear a face covering throughout the event.
  • Please know that the location will be cleaned prior to use and if there are multiple assemblies in one day, we will disinfect in between use.
  • Students will be called to the stage one time only. During this time, their certificate will be provided as well as any other certificates or recognitions. Each school principal will provide parents with details as to how and where parents can be for a photo opportunity.  
  • As students get called to the stage to receive their certificate, families should expect to see either a respectful bow or another no-touch method between the adults and the students to commemorate the event. I ask that our families understand that we are not having our staff shake hands during this event.
  • Food/drinks will not be sold or made available during the event. However, each guest may bring a water bottle with them for personal use.
  • Often, parents like to bring balloons, flowers, and other items to gift to the promoting student. For this year, we will ask that all these items remain in your car or home for personal gifting at home. Also, families often like to bring a celebratory lei to the event as a gift to the student. Please be sure that your child wears this item to school, like a personal item, rather than providing it during the ceremony. 
  • Please note that the guidance requires a separation of 12 feet between the stage and the sitting location of students/guests. School principals will be unable to sit anyone in that space.
    • Students will sit at assigned seating with their two guests, ensuring that we keep the entire group of students and guests with the required separation of 6 feet across from the next group.
  • Each school will designate restrooms that can be used in the event of an emergency by our guests, though we highly encourage guests to tend to personal needs at home prior to the assembly.

Principal Survey Form:

On April 29th, school principals will send out a survey to parents.  In this survey, we are asking parents to confirm if they intend to have their child participate in the In-Person event or the drive-through event.  This is for planning purposes for each site.   Parents have until May 3rd to inform us of that decision.   The survey will further ask parents to preregister the names of up to two (2) individuals who are going to attend the event.   Preregistration is a required component of the CDPH guidance.   Parents have until May 14th to make name changes on the same form.  Any changes to the guests after May 14th will require a phone call to the school office. In the survey, parents will be asked to identify if they need accommodation. Thank you for completing the survey as promptly as possible.   

I can appreciate that these guidance requirements do create a “different” feel to what our families are used to experiencing at these events.  However, we are thankful that we can move forward with an in-person promotion assembly and celebrate our 6th grade scholars as they move on to middle school.   I am certain that the promotion assembly will be one that honors the resiliency and flexibility of our scholars!  Thank you for your understanding of our need to provide you with clear expectations for this special promotion assembly!   

In Appreciation,
Norma E. Martinez, Superintendent  


April 28th - Superintendent’s Letter is sent out.

April 29th - Principals send out survey inquiring about participation and other details.  Parents have until May 3rd to respond if they are having their child participate in the in-person assembly or the drive through event. 

May 10th - Principal will send out correspondence with specific details about assembly date/time and other specifics unique to the school. 

May 14th - This the last day for parents to make adjustments to their guests on the survey.  Parents may log on to the same form to make their changes known. 

May 27th and/or May 28th - 6th Grade promotion assemblies will take place at all schools. 

Congratulations to all promoting scholars!