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COVID-19 Dashboard

Centralia Elementary School District follows all health and safety protocols provided by the California Department of Public Health, including the COVID-19 Public Health Guidance for K-12 Schools in California, 2021-22 School Year,  as well as intentional collaboration with the Orange County Health Care Agency to determine appropriate steps to address COVID-19-related matters.  CESD is committed to providing accurate and transparent information regarding COVID-19 cased on its school campuses, while also maintaining privacy and confidentiality for students and staff.   The data below represents the number of confirmed active COVID-19 cases among students and staff on its campuses (in-person instruction only).

Confirmed active positive cases will be posted for 14 days and/or until cleared per OCHCA guidelines.  This data will be updated regularly and dated when there is a change to the case count.  


When the school receives information regarding a presumed case, our district protocol for investigation is immediately initiated. This includes communication between our staff and the parent, the teacher and the health care agency. Contact tracking, the process used by our school district, helps us to determine if there are close contacts or possible exposure within the school. Contact tracing is the process utilized by the Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA).   After a robust contact tracking/contact tracing process, the health care agency determines the type of communication necessary to support students and staff.   


In the event there is a confirmed positive case, affected individuals will be contacted directly by the school principal or staff to respond to questions and will receive a written notice (letter)  that they are a confirmed close contact (“close contact” is a specific term used by public health care agencies).    The letter will be issued through your school site and may include further directions to the family/employee. 

Families with students who may have interacted with the individual at school but who are not a close contact may also receive a low-risk letter, at the direction of OCHCA.   This letter will indicate that the person receiving the letter may have interacted with an individual who is a confirmed COVID-19 case but that the contact was low-risk.   It may include further directions to the family/employee. 

Families of students at a school with a confirmed case who are not affected by the confirmed case will not receive any formal notice and no further action is required.  However, in an effort to keep the CESD community informed, we will  provide data to our community for confirmed COVID-19 cases on this COVID-19 dashboard, available to our public and updated each week. 


It is going to take a concerted effort to keep our students, staff and families safe. In addition to health and safety measures taken on our campuses, we encourage families to be proactive and to reinforce the importance of hand-washing, physical distancing and face coverings to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Also, if a member of your household tests positive for COVID-19 or is awaiting test results, please keep your child at home and notify your school. If your child has any symptoms associated with the coronavirus-PDF download, make sure they stay home and get tested if necessary


For additional questions about the coronavirus, visit the Orange County Health Care Agency website, which also includes a COVID-19 health line

Please continue checking your email and other sources of communications from your schools, which have been providing school and class specific information. For ongoing updates and information from the District, visit our website,  which includes information that may also provide answers for many of your questions. For detailed information about the District’s safety planning, visit our School Reopening plan and your school’s site specific plan. 

Centralia Elementary School District’s top priority is to provide a high-quality education while maintaining the health and safety of students and staff.