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Emergency Operations & Communications

On October 17, the entire district will participate in the 2019 Great Shake Out, a drill to help prepare us all in case of a catastrophic event. All 8 of our schools, our WK Learning Center and our District Office all will take a couple of hours out of the day to practice the roles that we would be taking in the case of a real emergency. We thank the entire community for their support and patience while we practiced how to be best prepared for any eventuality. CESD is safety minded and always working to improve our response and abilities in the case they are ever needed. 


9:18 a.m.: The Centralia School District has initiated the CA shake out drill. All Schools are participating. Students are safe and engaged in the drill. This is a practice drill. Please don't not call the office at this time. This is only a drill.
9:38 a.m.: This is a drill. EOC is up and in communication with all school sites and district emergency support services have been dispatched. 
9:50 a.m.: This is a drill. If a school were to be evacuated, the community would be directed to not come to the campus but direct them to the evacuation site once the student release area was set up. This is a drill. 
10:00 a.m.: The drill has concluded. All school sites have returned to regular operations. Thank you to our students, staff and community.