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Centralia Elementary School District

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About Us


Centralia School District is a leader in education. It is a positive, collaborative environment where new ideas are encouraged and innovative practices are fostered. Student success is our top priority and is valued by the entire community.


Centralia School District is committed to meeting the diverse educational needs of all students and creating lifelong learners, by providing exceptional staff and opportunities for family and community involvement in a safe and nurturing environment.

  • All children can learn given time, tools & opportunity
  • All decisions should be student centered
  • Campuses should be safe, clean and inviting
  • Effective, highly-skilled staff should be employed
  • Technology should be available and utilized to enhance student learning and organizational efficiency
  • A systems approach organizational structure should be used for efficiency and clarity
  • All people; students, staff and community are valued and respected


Norma E. Martinez

Assistant Superintendent - Human Resources

Dr. Jason Kuncewicki

Assistant Superintendent- Business & Administrative Services

Scott Martin

Assistant Superintendent - Educational Services

Dr. Kristine Cvar

Director of Parent and Student Engagement

Dr. Stacy Chang