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Centralia Elementary School District

Student Enrollment


Please note that the law provides that a school district may deem a pupil as having complied with the residency requirements for school attendance if one or both parents/ guardians of a student are employed within the boundaries of the district. An Interdistrict Transfer form must be completed for requests for transfer based on employment.



Education Code section 48980(h), Education Code section 35160.5(b)(1), Education Code section 48204(b)



FAQ - About Open Enrollment
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Open Enrollment:

Centralia Elementary School District’s (CESD) Open Enrollment period is JANUARY 15 to MARCH 15 ANNUALLY.

How do I enroll my child in my “home” school?

Families with students new to CESD who want to attend their home school will need to register ONLINE first, then take the completed print-out along with the child’s birth certificate, proof of address and immunization records to their home school. For more information, please contact your home school.


What’s the difference between Intradistrict and Interdistrict?

Intradistrict is from one school to another school within CESD.
Interdistrict means students whose home school is in another district.


Can my child go to any school in the Centralia School District?

Yes – all transfers will be considered depending upon space availability at the requested school.


Can I apply to more than one school?

Yes – parents may request up to two schools.


What do you mean by “space available”?

The District has a contract agreement with the Centralia Education Association that will not allow for classes to exceed District averages based on grade spans and class sizes. In order to determine “space available,” the District monitors grade span averages and class sizes. If a school demonstrates an average higher than the predetermined contractual average, they are deemed “closed” for transfers in that particular grade level and/or grade span.


When will I find out if my child had been accepted?

Intradistrict Transfers- Parents who submit their form by March 16, 2021 will be notified by April 15, 2021.

Interdistrict Transfers- Parents will be notified within 30 days of submitting their form.


Requests submitted after the March 16, 2021 deadline will be considered only after all applications received during the Open Enrollment period have been offered placements based on available space.


If my child is accepted, is there still a chance that he/she would not be allowed to attend that school?

Yes - although we will do everything we can to avoid that situation, Intradistrict and Interdistrict transfers can be revoked at any time to accommodate resident students.


If my permit is revoked, then where would my child go to school?

If you selected a second choice school we would check and see if they have room, otherwise your child would return to your home school.


What if I don’t apply during the Open Enrollment Period?

Requests submitted after the March 15, 2021 deadline will be considered only after all applications received during the Open Enrollment period have been offered placements based on available space.


If my Interdistrict transfer is accepted, do I have to go through the same procedure every year?

Yes – all students on Interdistrict transfers must submit updated Interdistrict transfers each year.


As a parent of an Intradistrict Transfer student, I know that students from other districts attend school in CESD. Can Interdistrict Transfers be placed ahead of my child? 

No – Intradistrict Transfers take precedence over Interdistrict Transfers.


What if one of my children is accepted to the school of choice but my other children are not?

CESD makes every effort to keep families together whenever possible. If the school is able to accommodate all siblings in a family, we will make every attempt to do so, however, if certain grade levels are impacted we would not be able to accommodate your request.


What if one of my children already attends a school other than his/her home school? Is his/her sibling guaranteed a space there?

No. Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee space for any transfers. Siblings are given priority, however approval is always dependent upon space availability.


My child is already on an Intradistrict Transfer will he/she be able to stay there?

Yes – all Intradistrict Transfers are approved for the remainder of their elementary years, dependent upon space available. Intradistrict Transfers DO NOT need to be renewed every year. 


What are the steps to apply for an Intradistict Transfer for my new Kindergartener?

  1. Submit an Intradistrict Transfer request to the District Office during Open Enrollment, JANUARY 15 to MARCH 15.
  2. We will notify you by April 15, 2021 if your transfer has been approved.
  3. Meanwhile, register your child during Kindergarten Registration at your home school (beginning January 15) ONLINE and tell them you have a transfer pending.
  4. If your transfer is approved, we will forward your kindergarten registration packet to the approved school.
  5. If the transfer is denied, your kindergarten registration packet will remain at your home school.

Can my transfer be rescinded?

Yes - All transfers may be rescinded for the following reasons

  • If student is excessively tardy or absent from school, or is brought to school excessively early or left excessively late.
  • If student fails to uphold appropriate behavior standards.
  • If student has poor academic performance.
  • Program impact. Insufficient space in the school and/or grade level.
  • False or misleading information was provided.
  • If student or parents fail to follow school rules.