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Centralia Elementary School District

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The Centralia School District's Parent And Student Engagement (PASE) Department works collaboratively with schools, families, students and community partners to support the district’s instructional programs through specialized services that strategically enhance and work to accelerate student outcomes by supporting in the following areas:
General Services:
  • Child Welfare & Attendance
  • Enrollment & Student Transfers
  • Parent/Community Involvement & Engagement
  • State and Federal Programs
  • Student Records
  • School Climate and Safety
  • Safe School Action Plans
  • School Accountability Report Cards (SARC)
  • Student Discipline including Suspension/Expulsion
Differentiated Services:
  • McKinney-Vento Services for Homeless Youth
  • Foster Youth
  • Student Attendance Review Board (SARB)
  • Medi-cal Administrative Activities
  • The Neighborhood Resource Center

PUPIL MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES (EC 49428, 48980): For information on accessing mental health services for your child at school and/or community, please contact the School Principal or Education Services Dept at 714-228-3141. 

Contact Info:
Department Line
(714) 228-3141
Dr. Stacy Chang
Director of Parent and Student Engagement 
(714) 228-3141

Homeless Liaison
(714) 228-3141

Custodian of Records
(714) 228-3141

Karen Leal
District Social Worker
(714) 995-4882
District Social Worker